An excellent, well thought out course! We have really enjoyed making new friends and spending time one to one with my child.
It was great learning the different holds and being able to use them outside of the course - A big Thank You!

- Sarah & Edward (aged 2 years, 4 months)

The improvement of my daughter in the water has been exceptional; she is more relaxed and a lot happier. The course was excellent, especially all the nursery rhymes - very child appropriate.

- Gill & Zoe (aged 14 months)


Really enjoyed the course, Jodie & Kirsty were fab & Amelai thought it was great.

- Joanna & Amelia (aged 9 months)


We enjoyed everything about the class - the songs, interaction, games and spending un-interupted time together and having great fun!

- Natasha, Ian & Maxwell (aged 2 year 4 months)


We enjoyed the course, but seeing the improvement in Hannah has been the best thing.  I cannot judge the course against anything else but for me the course is excellent and Hannah has really enjoyed it.  Well done the Kirsty & Jodie!

- Stephen & Hannah (aged 2 years 10 months)


Seeing our baby enjoy herself and progress each week was great.  Its hard to think of anything that could improve the course.

- Belinda, Simon & Tabitha (aged 15 months)


I have enjoyed the fact that there isn't too many babies in the class and the babies get equal time with the teachers.

- Julianne & Ryan (aged 19 months)


We have enjoyed being able to spend time together as a family and watching James progress so much.  Thank for all your hard work.  We have all enjoyed James' swimming lessons and look forward to seeing you again soon.

- Philip, Gemma & James (aged 2 years)


I really enjoyed the course and being able to spend quality one to one time with my babies

- Janice, Mia & Ella (aged 5 months)


Its been fantastic learning all the techniques, so I now feel confidenent taking Isla on my own swimming.  I really lovely bonding experience and nice to meet all the mums

- Sarah & Isla (aged 5 months)


The course has been fantastic.  Jodie & Kirsty are so good with the babies and make you feel so welcome.

 - Beccy & Kate (aged 8 months) 


What have I enjoyed about the course - a relaxed atmosphere, meeting other mums & Dads, and knowing Jem is learning a useful skill.  I really appreacite being able to attend other sessions if required - thank you.

- Alice & Jem (aged 8 months)








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